LONDON CALLING - the story behind the image

Hannah Lind

My print London Calling is from a photograph I took in London. I took this photo in spring of 2018 in London's east end. I was walking from my hotel towards the tower bridge.

I've loved London from the first time I visited the city. Her old buildings tell stories from a time gone by, while at the same time there's a sense of looking forward. From music, to art galleries, to cafes and restaurants - I love exploring London.

Staying at Arlo Hotel in Whitechapel, it was a quick walk to Brick Lane and up to Spitalfields market.

Heading to Shoreditch there was a freshness mixed with a sense of mild rebellion. It has changed over the years, but the feeling of counterculture still hung in the air. Dining at Leroy was a sweet treat in a gorgeous space, and one of the best meals I've had in a long time.

For me, this picture I captured is true London. An older model of the classic red double decker, juxtaposed against grey/black glass buildings with a modern car idle in the background.

London, please keep calling!

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