What is a CMYK screen print?

It involves 4 layers of ink hand-printed over each other in cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black)

Are they printed by hand?

Yes, each of the 4 layers are printed using an art screen by hand

Do they come framed, or is that an option?

No, it is the print itself and no framing options at this time.

If you're in Toronto, I recommend dimensions framing on Queen St. East [www.dimensionsframing.com]

What will shipping look like?

Shipping is free in Canada and the USA. The prints are shipped in cardboard tubes to ensure no folds or creases.

Why do some look different when it's the same image?

In the printing process, slight differences in hand pressure when printing one ink colour results in unique colour combinations in each print with the 4 layers combined

Where are they printed?

All prints have been made at open studio, located at 401 Richmond



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