CALM Postcard Pack
freshcut firewood piles in picton, ontario
gamla stan buildings in stockholm sweden
view of montmatre in paris far away, taken from the balcony of le pompideau in the marais
temple in Ito Japan, near the jogazaki coast south of Tokyo
church in west london, with blooming orange flowers to the left
CALM Postcard Pack

CALM Postcard Pack

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A pack of 5 postcards, composed of different photos from my travels. The back is a standard format with space for message, stamp and address placement.


The CALM collection is curated to feature photos that evoke a feeling of tranquility and soothing colour palettes. From the sepia-toned walls of Gamla Stan to the freshcut firewood in Prince Edward County, these postcards are perfect for everyday use and keeping in touch with loved ones, near and far.


Locations, in order are: Picton, Stockholm, Paris, Itō, London


Please note, stamps are not included.